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SMAC138 Flight Plan Fear, Dead Reckoning Legs, and More

Preflight Checklist:

Carl is here with Russ, Tom  and Larry to discuss flight plan fear, dead reckoning legs, and a number of other topics. Rick is out tonight, battling a big snowstorm.

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Website is back up and running. We were using too many resources of our host, and needed to do some "cleaning up" of our site so it not only is back up and running, but more efficient and built for the future.

Listener Mail:

Carl reads a great letter from a pilot who's girlfriend recently tried flying and liked it so much that she has taken it up and recently soloed! A shout out to Kimberly from the San Fernando 99's, who is now planning on attending AirVenture this year! Congratulations!


Larry - Sun n Fun (and other air show) volunteers who are planning, organizing, and preparing for safe and exciting fly-ins and air shows all across the country this season.

Cruise Flight:

Flight Plans:

  • Do you file flight plans when you fly?
  • How to file a flight plan.
  • Do you get a briefing every time you fly and how?

Dead Reckoning legs on Instrument Approach Procedures

Russ discusses dead reckoning legs and how he teaches his students to deal with it using the chart, GPS, FMS, etc. Russ has a great article on his website. The article is here.

Getting Current when you have been out of the cockpit for the Winter

With Spring coming (it REALLY IS coming, right??), and people getting ready for SnF and other aviation adventures, some of us colder-climate pilots are a little rusty. How do you plan to get back in the pilot’s seat after a few months of not being in the air? What if you’re IFR current, but maybe not so proficient. What do you do BEFORE you head out to the airport to get your head back in the game?

  • SIM time?
  • Reading?
  • Reviewing ACS?
  • Reviewing the POH?
  • Other?
  • What is that first flight going to be? Three landings and you’re good to go, or anything more structured? Slow flight, stalls, short takeoff/landing, ground reference maneuvers? Do you take an instructor or pilot friend? What thought goes into that first preflight?

After Landing Checklist:


Picks Of The Week:

Carl - Island Life HGTV Episode with TavernAero In Florida Keys

Russ - The Cannibal Queen by Stephen Coonts A book about a trip in a Steerman making almost 2 laps of the country in 1991.

Larry - Elevate your mood by purchasing your tickets for SnF, OSH, etc. in advance. Just doing that and knowing you have your tickets makes the show seem so much sooner!
SnF - http://www.flysnf.org/sun-n-fun-intl-fly-in-expo/admission-rates/
OSH - https://www.eaa.org/en/airventure/eaa-airventure-tickets

Tom - Ground School Academy, a great website for preparing for reviews. Their guarantee is if you don't pass your check ride, they will pay for it!

Video Of The Week:

Video of Toilet Paper Dog Fight

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