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Aviation Careers

CaptValeriTo truly be successful you should pursue a career which fulfills your inner sense of purpose.  Once you understand your purpose and why you have chosen your career you should start down the path towards your goal with the flexibility and anticipation to change course often.  If you keep your eye on the goal choosing the correct path becomes easier. You will soon know whether your path is leading you closer or further away from your career goal. The aviation careers section of this website will help you define your career ambition with more clarity and help you reach your aviation career goal.Your goal may be to one day teach people how to fly. It might be flying passengers around the world in a large and sophisticated jet. It may be maintaining or building airplanes. Maybe you want to write about aviation. You may want to pursue a part time career in aviation.  Whatever path you choose in aviation I encourage you to listen to Aviation Careers Podcast and use the career resources here at Expert Aviator.

For over twelve years I have been assisting pilots find jobs and obtain interviews with numerous airlines in the United States and throughout the world. I have discovered some helpful resources for those considering an aviation career or trying to advance in their career. I share those resources and experiences here at Expert Aviator and through Aviation Careers Podcast.

By listening to Aviation Careers Podcast you will:

  • Discover the various aviation careers through interviews with aviation professionals including pilots, mechanics, and recruiters.
  • Determine if a career in aviation is for you.
  • Learn how to advance your aviation career.
  • Discover jobs which allow you to work in your current profession while being able to enjoy a part time aviation career.
  • Learn the various paths toward reaching your aviation career goal.
  • Discover useful aviation career products and services.

We can help you define your dream and start living your dream!

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