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Interview on Ready For Takeoff Podcast Episode 067

It was a pleasure being interviewed by George Nolly on the Ready for Takeoff Podcast. We discussed inspiring pilots to pursue a career in aviation, scholarships, the flight team, and more. Click here or on the image to listen to Episode 67.

George Nolly launched his aviation career at 17 while still in high school. An appointment to the Air Force Academy prepared him for his two tours in Vietnam, flying O-2s over the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos and F-4 Phantoms over Hanoi. After his service, George went into commercial aviation, flying for United Airlines as Captain and Flight Instructor for 26 years. After finishing his Doctorate in Homeland Security, George went on to conduct airline safety audits for the for International Air Transport Association on carriers throughout the globe. George continues to instruct on the Boeing 777.

Listen to the my interview with Geaorge by clicking below:



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