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ACP126 No Degree No Problem?

In this episode Tom Wachowski of the Private Jet Podcast joins me to discuss the costs of owning an aircraft, and to answer our listeners questions including: No degree, no problem?

In episode 126 Tom Wachowski joins me to discuss:

  • The importance of a college degree.
  • Veterans benefits section of the website.
  • Speaking more intelligently about business aviation.
  • Listener mail.


We have a page on our site http://www.aviationcareerspodcast.com/vets/. This page covers some of the questions we often get about using veteran's benefits to pay for flight training, however we would like to here from our listeners with any information or stories about vets and flying, or using benefits to move ahead in your career. Please send them to feedback@aviationcareers.com.

What Aircraft Costs are Important?

Listener Questions and Feedback:

  • 45 years old, running into a mental block on a check ride, afraid I am out of time. What do I do?
  • Degrees and getting into the majors: Can you get into the majors without a college degree? Can you fly outside the US without a degree? Are there ways to get government assistance in paying for your degree or loan?
  • Real Estate agent with 900 hours, looking to become a professional pilot without CFI, wondering if part 135 is an option and if resume needs to be 1 page when his is longer.
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