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SMAC096-Hello Larry Overstreet! Tailwheels, gliders, and building the Sonex.

LarryWe're back from Sun N Fun with Rick, Sean, and a special guest Larry Overstreet!

Preflight Checklist

  • We are coming up episode 100! We would like you to celebrate with us by sending in one of your 100th milestones in your aviation life such as 100th landing, 100th airport, or whatever you can come up with. Send them to contact@stuckmicavcast.com or send them to our contact page.
  • Larry is working on taking Sun N Fun Radio worldwide, and cover air show events at liveatc.net/snf and Chats from the Deck.
  • The Aerospace Scholarships Guide 2015 is out on PDF right now, and soon will be on Kindle and iBooks.
  • Larry will be at AirVenture in Oshkosh along with Victoria and Turbo.

Cruise Flight

Our main topic tonight will be an interview with Larry Overstreet. Larry discusses:

  • His great story about how he got into aviation
  • Building his own Sonex airplane in his basement with his family
  • Flying gliders and the Soaring Society Of America.
  • Larry recommended Hartford Airport (HXF) and Cub Air Flight near Oshkosh for refueling and getting a tailwheel endorsement
  • IMC clubs for safer IFR pilots

Pick Of The Week:

Larry-Flight of Passage audio book by Rinker Buck, recounting a flight from New Jersey to Southern California

Carl-The Day I learned to Fly by Jeffrey Kennon

Sean & Rick- Apple Watch

After Landing Checklist:

Thanks to Larry for coming on. We will be having an email related show soon!


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