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Aerospace Scholarships – There Is Money Out There For You! – Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 83

Aerospace Scholarships300wideWelcome to Episode 83 where we discuss obtaining money for training through scholarships.


In This episode we discuss:

  • Various methods of paying for your training.
  • Work Fellowships.
  • Internships.
  • Apprenticeships.
  • Scholarships and other gifts.
  • Dispelling myths about scholarships.
  • Why you should look at scholarships no matter what your age.
  • Most scholarships are not based on need.
  • Work Study.
  • How Membership in an organization can lead to a scholarship.
  • How winning a scholarships can reflect positively on your resume.

Listener Mail:

A student from Colombia, South America wants a good resource for scholarships.



Ministry of Education, Colombia, South America.

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Aerospace Scholarships300wide

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