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ACP057 – International Airline Pilot and Mom – Karlene Petitt

KarleneA330Can you have a successful flying career and a family life? Are you concerned you will not have time to enjoy your family and fly the world as an international airline pilot? I know many of you have these concerns when determining if a career as an airline pilot is for you.

Today I am excited to have with me someone who has both a successful family life and flying career as an international Airbus A330 Pilot. Karlene Petitt is a grandmother, international airline pilot, and author of a novel.

Karlene and I Discuss:

  • Her Passion For Flying
  • What it is like to fly a wide body airliner worldwide.
  • Her varied path to her current job flying
  • How to have the right work and personal life balance as a pilot.
  • Her current projects and how she is able to balance that with her family life


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