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SMAC072 – Innovations In Aviation Training with Eric Crump Of Polk State College

photoThis episode features an interview with Eric Crump, Aerospace Director at Polk State University, on the innovations taking place in aviation training.


Rick is from Ft. Lauderdale!

Cruise Flight

  • Eric Crump is Aerospace Director for Polk State University’s Aerospace Program and our special guest tonight. Previously he worked for 8 years as Director of Content Development for Gleim Publications.
  • Eric gives a history of Polk State and it’s flight training curriculum from humble beginnings to nearly 200 students in the aerospace program and plans to double in the near future.
  • Eric details what makes their program different from other training programs that do not offer degrees.
  • The program includes a professional pilot track and an aerospace administration track.
  • Polk State uses a Redbird Flight Simulator
  • Polk Aviation Alliance advocacy group and liaison between all the groups participating in this program.
  • Contact Eric on Twitter: @seeericgo


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