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Braking Action Reports, Runway Condition NOTAMs, & Experimenting With ADS-B – Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 65

IMG_7195Welcome to this edition of the Stuck Mic AvCast! Victoria wishes she could've been here but she was feeling a little under the weather so we gave her the episode off to recover. Today, we have a lot of information to share. Everything from IACRA to ADS-B as well as some tips for snowy-weather flying including a handy PDF reference card for your kneeboard.

Strap in, cuz here we go!

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Cruise Flight

Show Notes

  • Reviewing IACRA and what NOT to do when filling out your paperwork
  • Deciphering braking action reports
  • Understanding runway condition NOTAMs
  • Download the Stuck Mic AvCast Braking Action & Runway Condition NOTAMs Quick Reference Card (PDF)
  • Quick refresher on airport operations in wintery conditions
  • Experimental ADS-B flight testing
  • ADS-B In and Out

After Landing Checklist

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