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10 Ways To Avoid Burnout As An Airline Pilot – Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 47

10 Ways To Avoid Burnout As An Airline Pilot:

  1. Go exploring instead of sitting in the hotel room.
  2. Get a hobby.
  3. Become involved in a charity.
  4. Take some time off.
  5. Pay it forward by helping others with their career
  6. Get involved in General Aviation.
  7. Stay as far away from Aviation As possible on your days off.
  8. Look behind you at your passengers and remember how important your job is.
  9. Try to increase your knowledge about the airplane or flying environment.
  10. Don't let your lifestyle grow into your salary and avoid feeling like you "have to go to work to pay the bills".

Listener Feedback:

  • A flight attendant who was considering a job as an airline pilot  has decided not to pursue a flying career.
  • Steve Molos provides more advice for the military pilot from last episode.
  • Can you do an episode on what it is like to be a UAV pilot?
  • A listener interested in an airline pilot carer hears many negative comments in the online forums.
  • Do you think it would be better at this point to try to 'fast track' my training by taking on debt, or to pay as I go while working my current job?
  • Is an airline job a realistic goal for someone starting where I am, or should I concentrate on other flying jobs?
  • I would like to professionally fly planes and make 60 thousand a year. Is this practical?



  • A 51 year old would like know if he can still pursue a career in aviation as a pilot. 
  • I would like to be a corporate pilot. What exactly is needed to be one?



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