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ACP067 – Bush Flying as a Mission Pilot : The Real Story with Brian Pottinger

BrianCaravanWhen we watch movies and television the life of a bush pilot seems glorious. I envision a bush pilot swooping down from the heavens above to provide emergency medical supplies to a sick child. Later that day we slowly climb above the bright green canopy of trees to a burnt orange sunset smiling from ear to ear as we glide towards our next adventure.

Well I am sure there are many days like these flying as a mission pilot in the bush but there are also many challenges. Today I have with me someone who can help us understand what it is really like to be a bush pilot because he lives it every day. Brian Pottinger is a mission pilot flying in the mountains and jungles of Papua, Indonesia. Today he will give us the real story behind being a bush flying as a mission pilot.

Brian and I Discuss:

  • His passion for aviation and missionary work.
  • Why Become A Mission Pilot?
  • How to prepare for flying in the mountains and over the jungle.
  • The rewards of mission flying.
  • The dangers and challenges of mission flying.
  • Who should consider becoming a mission pilot


Brian Pottinger - Cessna Caravan Landing Angguruk Yalimek Papua.


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Scholarship of the week:

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