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SMAC079 – What’s in your hangar? The Government wants to know.

Pre-Flight Checklist

The Plymouth Air Show is Saturday, September 27th in Plymouth, Massachusetts 10-3 at the Plymouth Airport. The featured attraction is an acrobatics show with Mike Goulian. The event is free and Rick will be there.

The Stuart Air Show in Stuart, Florida is November 1st & 2nd, with a special night show and Halloween festivities October 31st. Stuck Mic AVCast will be reporting live from the show.

August 23rd was the grand opening of Aerospace Discovery at the Florida Air Museum, located in Lakeland Florida, home of  Sun n' Fun. This new exhibit is designed to be more interactive with simulators and hands on activities.

Aviation Careers Podcast has a new webinar up on "Should You Choose a Career in Aviation?"

Cruise Flight

Carl kicks things off by bringing up a proposed rule regarding non-aeronautical uses of airport hangers. The comment period is open until September 5th. Airports that accept federal money, public or private, can only be used for aeronautical usage. Many airports are allowing people to store things like boats and cars in hangers, leaving pilots to complain that they do not have hanger space to store their aircraft. This led to a discussion of hanger homes.

After Landing Checklist

~Picks of the Week~

Victoria: The Day I Learned to Fly, a children's book by Victoria's friend Jeff Kennon.

Sean: Iridium Go Satellite based wi-fi hotspot for planes, boats, or anytime you are out of cell phone range and need connectivity (weather reports, directions, etc.).

Carl: Aviation Careers Podcast has a new webinar up on "Should You Choose a Career in Aviation?"

Rick: Airplane Mt. Everest Flying Game for iOS and Android

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