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SMAC077 Regaining your Currency And A Surprise Guest

Pre-Flight Checklist

We have a surprise guest host this week! Also this week is the AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Cruise Flight

  • This week's main discussion is on getting current in single engine after a long hiatus.
  • Practice techniques to keep current or "knock the rust off"
  • Finding the time and money to afford practice
  • Len discusses the difficulties in keeping current when living in a foreign country
  • Differences in aviation and airlines in other parts of the world

After Flight Checklist

Eric: Gyronimo.com weight, balance, and performance planning done graphically

Victoria: Victoria is going to be a published author! She is having a children's book published about Turbo the Flying Dog Check Turbo out on Facebook Instagram and Twitter

Rick: iOS and Android glider game Fsim Space Shuttle Simulator

Sean: Ageless Aviation Dreams

Len: Dynon Avionics Video to the Cockpit

Carl: Bahamas Habitat

After Landing Checklist

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