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Forced Landings Gone Bad & Tips For Not Landing At The Wrong Airport – SMAC067

HangarWhittedAnd we're back with episode 67 of your beloved Stuck Mic AvCast!

Recently in New Zealand, a pilot made a forced landing on a beach after experiencing an engine failure in flight. Once safely on the ground it was determined (details sketchy) that the engine was once again operational. A takeoff was attempted which led to the aircraft impacting the water and damaging the aircraft. Fortunately, both the pilot and passenger were unharmed. And we discuss some of the considerations you evaluate if you were to encounter similar circumstances.

Speaking of landings... With all the US news about airplanes landing at the wrong airports, we discuss some of our personal tips and tricks that we use every day to help minimize this risk and help identify your correct airport and runway. You'll even hear about which co-host's nearly landed at the wrong airport and how they were alerted of the error in progress.

So let's get to it, shall we?

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  • Women of Aviation Worldwide Week is just around the corner. From March 3rd to March 9th, this week celebrates women and their accomplishments in aviation as well as exposing more women to the love of flight. Our very own Victoria Zajko is hard at work as always and we wish her a successful event this year.
  • From CNN we bring you an article on the 14 Best Aviation Museums around the world. Turns out we've been a quite a few of them and look forward to checking out some new ones in our travels.
  • Also coming up this month is the March Field Airfest at March Air Reserve Base in California. This 2-day event on March 22nd and 23rd will feature the usual suspects of air shows, static aircraft displays, and other attractions. This years notable performers are the US Navy Blue Angles. If you've never seen them before then you better make it a point to! The performance is simply mind-boggling with the high speed, close proximity maneuvers, that will dazzle your eyes. Check it out.
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