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Stuck Mic AvCast Episode #31 – Bye Bye ThePilotReport, Behind the Scenes & What Really Happened at Oshkosh 2012

It’s that time of the month again where we bring you an episode of one of aviations finest, up and coming podcasts out there! Today we share the real story of Oshkosh 2012 from those who lived it in the trenches, weathered the storm, and even worked the event as vendors and photographers. But let’s look at a few announcements first…


For those of you who haven’t heard yet, our co-host Carl Valeri started an Aviation Careers Podcast to help folks interested in the different career options within the aerospace and aviation industry. There’s a lot more to aviation then just being a pilot, from flight attendants, to ramp personnel, to selling aviation insurance, working for an aircraft manufacturer, and so much more. His most recent show, How To Prepare For Captain Upgrade At The Airlines, Flying the Embraer 145, A Midlife Career Change, was an interview with Len Costa of Stuck Mic AvCast fame about his recent experience in the airline captain upgrade class on the Embraer 145 jet. Len takes you through his captain training from start to finish and delivers a behind the scenes play-by-play journey of the entire process.

Secondly, we have a MAJOR announcement from Len Costa, creator ofThePilotReport.com and the StuckMicAvCast.com:


The time has come to make a decision on the future of both websites. When I first got started with aviation blogging at ThePilotReport.com, it was a period of my life where I had a ton of free time to dedicate towards creating videos for product reviews, interviewing aviation business owners, and eventually starting the podcast.

As time progressed and my life became more involved at work, posts and videos at ThePilotReport.com became more and more distant. That also translated into not having the proper time to dedicate to StuckMicAvCast.com, the podcast, and our listeners as you all so justly deserve.

Which leaves me where we are today; a crossroads for our collective future. Does ThePilotReport.com die and go away or does the Stuck Mic AvCast head west into the sunset? It’s just counterproductive to grow two different aviation brands with similar goals and objectives in their own respective directions. So here’s what’s happening… WE’RE MERGING!!!

That’s right. All your favorite content at ThePilotReport.com will soon be integrated here on StuckMicAvCast.com over the coming months. This not only allows me to focus on one passion, growing it to it’s fullest potential, but more importantly it allows US to focus on YOU by creating and delivering the specialized content you’ve requested here in one central location.

What’s that mean for you our listeners? By merging ThePilotReport.com into Stuck Mic AvCast you’ll enjoy a deeper, all encompassing aviation experience as the StuckMicAvCast.com becomes your favorite aviation destination for all things Learning to Fly, Living to Fly, and Loving to Fly. That means more aviation product reviews, more interviews, more flying videos, aviation training products, and a whole lot more in the works!

We’re confident you’ll love the changes ahead and all of the Stuck Mic co-hosts are absolutely excited to grow into our “future of awesome” together with you.

Thank you all so very much for your support, for your listenership, and most of all for your friendship.

Here’s to many more years together as your beloved Stuck Mic AvCast crew!


Len Costa (owner)

And now for the meat and potatoes of the show!

Cruise Flight

After Landing Checklist

~ Picks of The Week ~

Rick – Aviation Weather from NOAA/NWS for iPhone & iPad

Carl – MyRadar iOS App for iPhone & iPad

Victoria – EAA AirVenture App for iPhone, iPad, & Android

Len – Hi-Def Radar iOS App for iPhone & iPadMophie Juice Pack PRO.

Virgin Galactic Space Flight Fund


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