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ACP081-Making a Living as a Flight Instructor and Listener Mail

Making a Living as a Flight InstructorWelcome to episode 81. Today wa have some very interesting listener mail and to help me review the mail and answer your questions I have not one but two co hosts today; Eric Crump and Tom Wachowski. Tom has been on a break from podcasting and is excited to be here today. One of our big topics to cover today is making a living as a flight instructor. We have received many requests about this topic, including one we cover with several sub-questions in it.


  • Second Career in Aviation
  • Moving to Florida to be a flight instructor
  • choices of clothing for interviews at flight schools
  • Agricultural flying, Ground Instructor Certificate
  • Is an Associates Degree needed for the Regional Airlnes?
  • Question from Serbia: importance of getting both Pilot and A&P license?
  • Rookie flight instructor Tips and Tricks episode ideas, which the hosts pretty much just answer!
  • How to manage student debt on regional airline salary
  • Requesting help when you don't feel confident in your job
  • The effects of Unmanned aerial vehicles on the Aviation Industry
  • Advice from going from Engineering to Piloting
  • Making a living as a flight instructor
  • Military Transition from rotor to fixed wing



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