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SMAC078 Obtaining Your Instrument Rating

Pre-Flight Checklist

Everyone is here tonight except for Sean, starting the discussion with airplane shaped foods.

Cruise Flight

Victoria kicks us off with a discussion of getting her Instrument Flight Rating and keeping your rating. This leads into a discussion of best practices for training, and how to handle communicating with the tower and keeping track of information. We also discusses Automation Management and the danger of over-relying on automated systems.

Carl brings up a situation where a friend of his flew an aircraft where she was the Captain and her sister was the Co-Pilot, which may be a first in aviation history. Very few people seem to know that there are female pilots in the airlines, and automatically assume that a man always does the flying.

After Landing Checklist

~Picks of the Week~

Eric: Polk State College is about to become the first state institution in Florida to offer a four year degree in aviation.

Victoria: Bring Fido Web site to find pet friendly places to stay when you are flying to your next $100 hamburger!

Rick: First Air Force One The story of the first plane to be called Air Force One, which is the only plane to use that call sign and not be preserved in a museum or other other collection.

Carl: Aviation: The Invisible Highway This is a new movie coming out next year about flying and what it means to so many people.

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