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Should You Leave The Military To Become An Airline Pilot? : Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 36

Copyright KenMist.comAre you a military pilot thinking of making the jump to the airlines? Do you think you might wait until retirement before making the jump to the airlines? There are some pro’s and con’s of both staying in the military and leaving for the airlines. For over a decade I assisted military pilots with leaves of absence and have seen the good and bad of combining an airline job with military reserve. In this issue I will relate my experiences working with military pilots who have both retired and those who are in the military part time.

Today’s episode was inspired by a question from a listener in the military who is thinking of making the jump to the airlines. To help me respond to his question I have a response from Steve Molos who for many years has also helped military pilots with military leaves of absence with the airlines. Steve had to make the same decision himself about changing careers.

If you are thinking of making becoming an airline pilot and changing careers prior to retiring I think you will find the information we relate helpful. So lets listen to the question that inspired the show today.

In This episode we discuss:

  • Family life as an airline pilot.
  • What it means to commute to work.
  • What it is like to commute to work and live in base.
  • Pro’s and Con’s of leaving the military job early.
  • The benefits and challenges of being in the reserves or guard.
  • Why it is important to know all the contacts at your company concerning military leave.
  • Should you get a type rating?

If you are thinking of retiring from the military or from any job and transition to the airlines it is important to weigh the pro’s and con’s just like Steve said. What I like to do when making a significant decision is to take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle then begin putting the pro’s on one side and the con’s on the other. If after you finish your list the con’s out weigh the pro’s then you need to start thinking again about your decision.

During this process it is important to get your spouse or significant other involved. Have them look at your list and make changes as necessary. A pro to you can be a con to your partner.

Whatever you decide make sure you are doing this for what is best for you and your family. Don’t worry about what others might think because they don’t know your situation. Then after making your decision go for it and move forward.

I have faith that whatever you decide in your career you will be successful because you are willing to put forth the effort and persevere through the tough times because you have a purpose. Make sure you keep the list with you and add items even after you have made your decision. This will be helpful in altering your path towards your ultimate goal.

Expect challenges along your new career path but don’t get discouraged. Look at these challenges as growth opportunities and not as road blocks. Road blocks along your career path are not failures they are there to be removed or driven around.

I have faith that you will achieve your aviation career goal. I can’t wait to see you join me in this exciting, challenging, and fun field of aviation.

If you found this information helpful please support this podcast by visiting our sponsors websites. Also if you have any questions please click on the contacts tab and ask. I’m sure there is someone listening right now who would benefit from the question you ask.

Thanks again for listening and we will talk to you next episode. Clear skies and safe flying!

Photos copyright KenMist.com

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