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Backyard Flying, Kitfox Aircraft, Rotax Engines, CRAZEDpilot -Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 54

CrazedPilotToday we bring a fun interview with a really cool pilot, aircraft and aviation business owner, who’s fortunate to fly from his own backyard runway, leaping into the Oregon wilderness for all the off-airport flying adventures one can handle! Brendan O’Mara of CRAZEDpilot.com shares his experiences flying Kitfox aircraft, the reliability of Rotax engines, what it’s like to operate into his 16% grade grass-runway in his backyard, and a whole bunch more.

Time to saddle up and get your listen on for this Episode 54 sponsored by ForPilotsOnly.com.

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Cruise Flight

Show Notes

After Landing Checklist

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