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ACP146 Tips For High Income Pilots Part 1

In this episode we start a new series called five tips for high Income Pilots. This series will eventually be an online video course. This podcast prepares you for your career as a pilot but one thing lacking is help for those pilots that listen who are high wage earners. In general in life once we start making over two hundred thousand a year there are not many avenues for advice and we hope to change that with this series.

Today I am joined by Andy Garrison, a Certified Financial Planner.

As a reminder we are not allowed by law to give you financial advice but this is only general information. You should consult your financial advisor for information specific to your needs. We recommend your finding a fee based certified financial planner who must comply with the FINRA rules and regulations. Fiduciary is important.


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Tips For High-Income Pilots:

  1. The best three ways to reduce your lifetime taxes
    a. Don’t make it worse (minimize your investment taxes and withdrawals)
    b. If not meeting itemized deductions, bulk your giving and property taxes
    c. For charitable giving - consider assets and appreciated stocks
    d. Make the best use of your PS and RP contributions

Pick Of the Week:

Air, Speed, and Money Andy's website, where you can sign up for his mailing list and receive a free copy of his book.


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