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SMAC148 The Challenges of Picking Up IFR Clearances In The Air and A Descend VIA Example

Tom, Rick, and Victoria join Carl for a great technical episode on the challenges of picking up IFR clearance in the air

Preflight Checklist:

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Air Venture is almost here: https://www.eaa.org/en/airventure
July 24-30 Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Cruise Flight:

  • If you are cleared to descend via the star on the hyper7 for Rwy 19c into KIAD what altitude you descend too.
  • A listener asks about filing and activating a flight plan departing VFR and then continuing IFR.


After Landing Checklist:

Picks Of The Week:

Carl - Aviation Careers Podcast's new learning platform Our new place for learning about lots of Aviation topics.

Rick - Total Eclipse 2017

Victoria - Airplane dresses on Amazon!

Tom - Chart it All, a clothing company started by a young man saving for college, which provides all kids of clothing with your local sectional chart.


Images and Files For Discussion and Links in podcast:


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