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New Polk State Flight Team Looks For Support To Compete This Year

It is important to inspire our future aviators and aerospace professionals through events, education, entertainment, and sports. That is why we provide links to crowd funding sources such as Go Fund Me. As coach of the newly formed Polk State College Flight Team I am asking you to read their story. Please consider donating to the team through the Go Fund Me crowd sourcing website by clicking on the image or the link below. I am very proud of the team members and students at Polk State College for their perseverance during the formative years of the new aerospace program and flight team.flight team logo 300

Click Here To Donate to the Polk State Flight Team

Comprised of students from the Polk State College Aerospace Program, the members of the flight team range from student pilots to Certified Flight Instructors,
with varying skill and educational levels.

As a flight team, it is not only our goal to be competitive but to also inspire college and high school students to
become aviation professionals. Through fundraisers, public outreach and working with other organizations, we hope to reach out and inform the community about aviation.

Just as any other collegiate team has a governing body, the Polk State Flight Team falls under the rules of NIFA. As a member of NIFA Region IX, we compete against some of the best flight teams from around the nation. During the regional and national competition, the team members will compete in events such as flight planning,
preflight inspection and accuracy landings.

Being a public college, our team must raise our own funds to compete in both the regional and national competition. As a flight team, we need uniforms, funds for fuel, the aircraft and costs of practicing and traveling to the competition. We are asking you to help us reach our goal of 15,000 dollars to send us to our first regional NIFA competition. With your contribution not only will you be providing assistance to our team but you are also promoting aerospace education amongst collegiate students

Click Here To Donate to the Polk State Flight Team

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