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ACP068 – Flying In China With Boeing 737 Captain Doug Ward

PlaneOverChinaStockWith the growth of travel and aviation in China there is an increase in the number of piloting jobs. We have received many e-mails from listeners asking what it is like to fly in China. Many of you heard that the opportunities to fly in China are very lucrative.

In episode 11 we had Dave Ross, the president of WASINC, on the show to explain the opportunities in China, but many of you wanted to know what it is really like to fly and live in China. Today I have with me Doug Ward; a Boeing 737 Captain who is actually flying in China.

Doug is based in Shenzhen, China and is currently flying as an active B737-800 Captain. Captain Ward has over 13,000 hours of flight time, including Captain on the DC-10, B737, B727, F27, and SA-227 to name a few.

He has also served as a Check Airman and Instructor. Doug has an extensive background as a captain, check airman, instructor, and pilot recruiter. We are excited to have Doug on the show to answer the question “what is it really like to fly in China?”

Doug and I Discuss:

  • Why you should consider flying in China.
  • The personal benefits of flying in China.
  • The Challenges of flying in China.
  • Living in China.
  • The financial benefits.
  • How do you find a job flying in China.


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ACP011-Flying In China, Interview With WASINC President Dave Ross

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