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SMAC080 – Flying Around Volcanoes, Oxygen Deprivation and Pressurization

Pre-Flight Checklist

The comment period for proposed rule making related to what can be stored in airport hangers has been extended until October 6th. You can find more details about this in Episode 079 as well as the link to comment.

Aviation Careers Podcast is hosting another webinar September 30th, this one titled Should You Become an Airline Pilot? This webinar is free but you must sign up.

Eric Crump's sister had her first baby today, so Eric flew his family to see his sister's family in Central Alabama.

Victoria announced that her kickstarter campaign for Turbo the Flying Dog launched last week and has already reached 50% of it's goal!

Cruise Flight

Victoria is heading to Iceland, and opened a discussion on how volcanoes can disrupt flights. You can check volcanic activity around the world.

Rick brought up the recent crash of a TBM900 near Jamaica due to possible hypoxia and depressurization. Carl went over some of the warning signs of depressurization and how to protect yourself in the event of a loss in cabin pressure. Carl also went over the CARE checklist, which is Consequences, Alternatives, Reality, and External Pressures.

After Landing Checklist

~Picks of the Week~

Rick: Hyperlapse for video capture with your phone. It's claim to fame is using image stabilization in a phone app. The app is currently only available for iOS.

Eric: Ask a CFI blog for posting questions and sharing information on aviation.

Carl: Tomorrow's Aviation Museum.

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