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Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 43 – Stuffy Noses, Flying the Airbus A320, Top Gun 3D

Join us in this episode as Carl Valeri returns after 2 months of grueling flight training to learn the Airbus A320! We talk type ratings, Airbus flying, and learn about the automation behind Airbus in addition to some upcoming airshows, one of us travels to Australia, and our thoughts on Top Gun 3D. It all begins now!


Air Fiesta 2013 - this airshow is brought to you by the Commemorative Air Force Rio Grande Valley wing and includes aerial performances and static displays of World War II Trainers, Bombers, Fighters, Aerobatics, to name a few. This show will be on March 9th – 10th in Brownsville, TX.

First Annual Reel Stuff Film Festival of Aviation – this aviation film festival at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH runs from April 11-14 and commemorates the grand re-opening of the Air Force Museums 400-seat-massive-screen theater. Screenings of 10 aviation classics will be running for your enjoyment. The full schedule can be seen here: Schedule.

Top Gun 3D – you’ve kicked the tires and lit the fires, you’ve felt the need for speed. But have you done it in 3D? Don’t miss this limited engagement opportunity to catch this classic aviation flick digitally remastered in 3D and feel like your there riding behind Maverick!

Cruise Flight

Photo used with permission.

Show Notes

After Landing Checklist

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