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SMAC143 Interviews From Sun N Fun 2017

Pre-Flight Checklist:

Welcome to a special episode of the podcast, featuring interviews from Sun N Fun 2017! Tonight Carl and Russ Roslewski will introduce and discuss the interviews conducted at the show. You can also check them out on LiveATC.net and Chats From The Deck.

Cruise Flight:

Interviews featured on this show:

  • Jerrod and Jordan Hildreth, twins who received a Cessna 150 for their 15th birthday, which they completely refurbished including paint, wings, re-upholstered, engine, etc. all in about 4 months. They used it to learn how to fly in their own aircraft. They are now 17, however, this is their 18th trip to Sun n Fun, as their parents have come every year.
  • Andy Wall, CEO of AutoGyro USA discussing a new model of gyrocopter they premiered at Sun n Fun. The copter features advanced ergonomics, longer range, new look and styling, and a pre-rotation system that shortens the takeoff time considerably.
  • Paul Schulten, Pilot of Eagle Air Show. He flies a Christen Eagle, and has won awards for his acrobatics and learned from Miss Patty Wagstaff, his ACE.
  • Brad M. from Pipistrel, which makes a self-launching glider, which has a small engine to take off without being towed, can fly by engine with very low fuel usage, or turn off the engine and glide. You can get your Glider license at 14, which means you can solo their airplane, with a motor on it, 2 years before you can drive a car!
  • Carl interviews Eric from Monarch Aviation, Aviation Maintenance Technician of the year for the Southern Region, along with Kevin Lacey from Airplane Repo.
  • Russ interviews Nick Hanks of Hanks' Aero Adventures that has a self-flying safari out of Johannesburg. They provide the plane, accommodations at stops, as well as all the details for sights to see, best altitudes, airport information, etc.
  • Russ interviews Glen Ferguson from IAMA (International Association of Missionary Aviation). They are the overall coordinating association for about 60 mission organizations and support groups flying missionaries all over the world. He then interviewed Will from Mission Aviation Fellowship, Randy Smith from New Tribes Mission Aviation, Kerrick Tweedy of SOAR (Service Oriented Aviation Readiness), Byea Lacerta of Hope Alliance, Bruce Wolf of Brigade Air, Lori McClary of MMS (Missionary Maintenance Service), Jay Bigley of Moody Aviation, Crystal Pitts from the College of Missionary Aviation, Mike Mower of JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Service), Keswick Camp of Missionary Flight Training, Missionary Flights International, John Hoke of MASA (Mission Aviation Support Association of Florida).
  • Jason Shappert of MzeroA.
  • Joanna and Jared Jestice. Joanna is 17 and received her license at the beginning of the year. Jared is almost 16. They flew to Sun n Fun from Arkansas, about 850 miles. they flew a Cessna 150.
  • Mark Holt, who has an amazing paint job on a Phenom 100 called the Millennium Phenom because it is painted with elements from the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars, elements from Star Trek, and Back to the Future.
  • Mark Sorenson, Lead Pilot of Twin Tigers Acrobatic Team.
  • Lt. Col. Tom "Outlaw" Gustin of NORAD at Peterson Air Force Base, teaching people about how to avoid entering restricted airspace.

After Landing Checklist:

Picks of the Week:

No picks this week, as this is an interview show.

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