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ACP069 – How To Prepare For Flight School and Flying Over 60

MI From 410This week we have another Question and Answer Session with Tom Wachowski.

Listener Mail:

I'm an aviation enthusiast and I wish to go to flight school in 12 months time. What can I do right now to prepare me for flight school?

I Would love to hear a discussion about aviation career opportunities for those guys who are older (60+). Seems as though all of the scholarships and show segments are geared toward the younger generation.

The Aviation Instructor's Handbook available as a free public domain audiobook from Librivox.org.

An update on a listener's pursuit of changing careers after 20 plus years in the same industry.

I am in information technology sector based out of india. I have around 5 years of experience. I wanted to enter aviation field. What are my chances?

Do you think in home flight simulators will help with the instrument rating? I want to make the most of my money and be a safe consistent pilot.

A student pilot at age 35 looking for a new career wants to know if he can make a livable wage working at a regional.

Is the Sporty's ground school a good one ?

A listener's dream is to one day make it to at least the Regionals as a pilot and discusses his dream of becoming an aviation photographer.

A Career changer discusses getting cold feet.

I am currently a school music teacher, so aviation right now is a pipe dream/hobby. Still, I am having so much fun learning about the industry. Your guests are incredible. You seem to find the best of the best.

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Pay at Horizon or any of the airlines can be found at the website will fly for food.

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