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Valeri Aviation Corporation Acquires Stuck Mic AvCast Former Owner of Popular Aviation Podcast Retires, Travels the World

For Immediate Release:

Valeri Aviation Corporation Acquires Stuck Mic AvCast
Former Owner of Popular Aviation Podcast Retires, Travels the World

(South Pasadena, FL.) – Stuck Mic AvCast has quickly grown with more than 229,000 downloads in less than three years, proving to be a popular bi-monthly aviation internet radio show. Len Costa, founder and creator of Stuck Mic AvCast, has passed the captains mic to co-host of the show, Carl Valeri. Officially announced today, Valeri Aviation Corporation has acquired Stuck Mic AvCast.

With more than 17 years in the aviation industry, including his most recent role flying Embraer 145 regional jets as pilot-in-command, Costa was the creative mastermind of the podcast bringing the concept of learning to fly, living to fly, and loving to fly, to life through Stuck Mic AvCast.

“My entire childhood I dreamt of soaring into space and becoming a pilot was the next best thing,” stated Costa. “Regarding my accomplishments as an aviator, I’ve reached every goal and desire I’ve ever had in aviation, and it is time for the next chapter in my life.”

Costa will begin a new journey as he formally retires his airline captain’s wings for a new adventure traveling the world. He is an avid traveler, who has paid off all his financial debts, downsized his life to a single backpack, and on April 15 departs the United States with his girlfriend for a legendary, life-long dream of extended travel.

When asked the reason for his decision to leave Stuck Mic AvCast, Costa said, “As a business owner, you have to know when you’re no longer capable of steering the ship. With my overseas absence, I would not be in a position to appropriately lead the Stuck Mic AvCast. So for the integrity of the show, our listeners, and our visitors, I’ve decided to step down and ‘transfer the controls’ to my great friend, my co-host, and accomplished business owner himself, Carl Valeri.”

Valeri, whose company owns and operates two other aviation websites, The Expert Aviator and Aviation Careers Podcast, brings with him a fresh perspective for the future of Stuck Mic AvCast.

“I have some very big shoes to fill here with Len leaving the show,” said Valeri. “But, I’m excited for the challenge.”

While Costa is extremely excited for his new adventure, he will miss Stuck Mic AvCast.

“Admittedly, this was a tough decision for me,” said Costa. “I will miss being a part of this awesome team, I will miss hearing from our valued and loyal listeners, and mostly, I’ll miss the family we’ve all become. I’ve found solace in my accomplishments as an aviator and I’m sincerely humbled for having the chance to serve everyone.”

Stuck Mic AvCast is produced bi-monthly and can be downloaded at http://StuckMicAvCast.com. Follow Costa’s new adventures at http://TrekAboutLife.com.

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