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Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 026 – Ten Reasons You SHOULD Become An Airline Pilot With Len Costa From The Stuck Mic AvCast.

In Episode 23 we discussed the 10 reasons why you Should NOT become an airline pilot. If these ten reasons are not negative and in some cases positive then you are a prime candidate to become an airline pilot. In this episode we take a more positive stance and discuss the 10 reasons you SHOULD become an airline pilot.

Today we will discuss 10 reasons you SHOULD become an airline pilot. To help me with this list I have an airline Captain, previous guest from Episode 10, and host of The Stuck Mic AvCast Len Costa.

Top Ten List of Reasons You SHOULD become an airline pilot:

  1. Visit interesting destinations while being paid.
  2. Your office has one of the best views in the world.
  3. You have many days off.
  4. You can live anywhere in the world.
  5. You can travel for free.
  6. Meet people from diverse and interesting backgrounds.
  7. Good pay and benefits.
  8. No office politics since you don’t work in an office.
  9. On your days off no phoning into the office.
  10. You get to fly in some challenging weather and terrain.

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