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ACP160 NIFA, Networking, and Recurrent Training

It has been a few weeks since we last spoke and much has happened. As many of you know I was away doing two very important things in my career, giving back and moving forward. By giving back to the aviation community I volunteer as the coach for the flight team at Polk State College.

We recently spent a week in Auburn, Alabama competing in the Region 9 Safecon. What is Safecon? What is NIFA? And how does it affect my career? Well, I’m glad you asked. We will discuss this shortly.


Remember to visit Facebook.com/AviationCareersPodcast to see where we will be and when you will have a chance to meet me or one of our co-hosts. Our next planned event is January 24th to 27th, 2018 at the US Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida. Remember to check facebook since we may have some last minute events pop up.

The new 2018 Scholarships guide will be published soon. One thing we did not expect is how many people like the online directory. We heard your feedback and will be offering an online directory but as a separate website with stronger search capability. Stay tuned for new details. In the meantime, you can still purchase the book online at Amazon and in the iTunes. Store. Visit AerospaceScholarships.com to learn more about how you can purchase the guide.

NIFA, Safecon, and Recurrent Training:

  • What Is NIFA?
  • What is Safecon?
  • Polk State Flight Team Results.
    • 8th place ground trainer Andrew Costello.
    • 3rd place tie Clay Whatley and Andrew Costello Preflight Inspection.
    • 9th place Computer Accuracy Marshall Richmond.
    • 7th place Computer Accuracy Clay Whatley.
    • 9th place Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation Clay Whatley.
    • Message Drop:
      • 3rd place Tyler Moore and Marshall Richmond.
      • 2nd place Marshall Richmond and Zack Martin.
    • Navigation:
      • 10th place Jake Sikora and Ismael J. Jimenez
    • Power Off Landing:
      • 3rd place Tyler Moore.
  • Visit Polk State Flight Team Page at https://www.facebook.com/pscflightteam/
  • Why it is important to involve yourself in more than just flying to move forward in your career.
  • Networking at target rich environments.
  • Recurrent Training and how it affects the rest of your career.

Pick Of the Week:

FAR AIM 2018


SMAC156 From Cessna To F16 One Pilots Dream Come True

Today we have with us a former co-host and now television reporter for NBC affiliate KSL 5 in Utah, Sean Moody. Sean is a private pilot and had the fortunate opportunity to fly in the F16. The F16 recently received a new lease on life pushing back the retirement to 2048.

Preflight Checklist:

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Announcements: Facebook.com/StuckMicAvCast

Cruise Flight:

Former co-host Sean Moody discusses his childhood dream come true when he had the chance to fly the F16.

We discuss From Cessna to F16:

  • Sean’s aviation journey and how he reached this pinnacle.
  • How he was able to get a ride in the F16 Preparing for the ride of a lifetime.
  • Flying the F16.
  • Why 2017 is a significant year for the F16. What is next for Sean in his aviation journey.

After Landing Checklist:

Picks Of The Week:

No picks of the week since this is an interview.

Links Mentioned In The Podcast:


F-16 Flight

F-16 History

F-35 Future




SMAC155 Live From AOPA Fly-In Tampa FL

AOPA Fly-In Tampa FLWelcome to a special edition of the podcast live from AOPA Fly-In 2017 in Tampa, Florida. Carl was on assignment in conjunction with Sun N Fun Radio. The Fly-In was a fun and informative event held at one of Carl’s favorite airports Peter O. Knight airport.

This airport is where Carl began his aviation career and you will hear his excitement about returning to his roots. The weather was wonderful and as you will hear in the interviews everyone was excited to attend. This was two days and had over 339 airplanes and an estimated 5,478 attendees. If you could not attend the show or you did not get to visit all the exhibitors you can hear about what happened on this episode.

Preflight Checklist:

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Watch for upcoming events at Facebook.com/StuckMicAvcast

Cruise Flight:

Interviews From AOPA Fly-In Tampa, FL

  • Sun N Fun Kid Zone Exhibit, Preflight Pavilion, and what Sun N Fun has to offer all year long. - Greg Gibson
  • Professional Aviation Safety Specialist - Mike Perrone
  • Pilots N Paws - Dan Landry
  • Tavares - America’s Seaplane City - Matt Elia, Aviation Manager
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship - Chuck Weatherstone
  • Sebring US Aviation Expo -Melissa Finger
  • Trade-A-Plane - Kelly Monday new publisher
  • Cessna Pilots Society
  • Drone Nerds
  • Gulf Coast Avionics - Levi VickersTeam Riggs Real Estate
  • Team Riggs Real Estate
  • AOPA You Can Fly Ambassador Jamie Beckett
  • Tampa Bay Aviation Association Daniel Slapo

After Landing Checklist:

Picks Of The Week:

No picks of the week since this is a live show. Check out past picks of the week at http://stuckmicavcast.com/picks-of-the-week/

Links Mentioned In The Podcast:




NexGen Advisory Committee



Mission Aviation Fellowship

US Sport Aviation Expo

Cessna Pilots Society

Drone Nerds

Gulf Coast Avionics

Tim Riggs Real Estate

AOPA You Can Fly

Tampa Bay Aviation Association

Video Of The Week:

AOPA Introduces Peter O. Knight Airport


Accelerated Flight Training is one of our most requested topics for this podcast. In this episode, we discuss the pro’s and con’s of accelerated flight training plus receive an update from a friend of the podcast Dan Freeman. Dan is the Host of Accelerated Flight School Podcast where he describes his career change and training experience. Currently Dan is a flight attendant with a major airline and has many years of experience in the air and now in the cockpit.


I will be at the Region 9 NIFA Safecon event at Auburn University. Since I will be gone for the week we may not publish a podcast but stay tuned since we may have a special episode live from Auburn!

In This Episode, We Discuss Accelerated Flight Training as well as:

  • An update on Dan’s progress since he was on the show in episode 140. The advantages of accelerated flight training
  • The disadvantages of accelerated flight training
  • What recruiters think
  • Finding a job after you finish with one of the programs
  • Working as a CFI at an accelerated school
  • How to find accelerated training in your area?

Pick Of the Week:

Polk State Flight Team

Learn more about College Flight Teams and the history of the competition.


ACP158 CommutAir

CommutAirIn this episode, we are joined by pilot recruiters from CommutAir. With up to $74,000 in first-year competition and fast upgrades, CommutAir is a great opportunity for pilots who want to advance their careers.


For Upcoming meetups, events, news, and announcements visit our Facebook page

In This Episode We Discuss CommutAir:

  • Who is CommutAir?
  • Why CommutAir?
  • Pilot Qualifications.
  • How To Apply.
  • The life of A CommutAir Pilot.

Pick Of the Week:

CommutAir Recruiting


ACP157 What Would You Do Different In Your Career?

What Would You Do Different In Your CareerWhat Would You Do Different In Your Career? Welcome to the informational, inspirational, and transparent podcast about aviation careers. In this episode, Robert Guyer and Carl Valeri answer your questions.


Look for us at AOPA Fly-In Tampa, FL at Peter O. Knight Airport.

Facebook.com/Aviation Careers Podcast

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • What Would You Do Different In Your Career?
  • What are the requirements to teach in a Multi-Engine Aircraft?
  • What is the best regional to work for?
  • What would you do different in your career?
  • What books or podcasts would you suggest I read?
  • Where do I get my first class medical Certificate?

Links Mentioned In The Podcast:

FAA Medical Certificate info

61.183   Eligibility requirements.

61.195   Flight instructor limitations and qualifications.

Pick Of the Week:



Welcome to Episode 154 of the podcast about learning to fly, living to fly, and loving to fly. Today we have a few special guests to discuss Ways to improve your piloting skill and have fun in the process. Chris Pezalla is an aviation consultant, attorney, and author. To learn more and read his aviation articles visit: https://www.facebook.com/3pointaviation/. Before we get started we have a few announcements.

Preflight Checklist:

Sponsor: AerospaceScholarships.com


See You At AOPA Fly-In Tampa, FL. Peter O. Knight Airport.

Polk State Flight Team Competition in Auburn, AL.

New Online Courses can be by visiting https://valeri-aviation.thinkific.com

Cruise Flight:

Dave Abby reports from AOPA Fly-In Groton, CT.

Ways To Improve Piloting Skill And Have Fun In The Process:

Why do you improve our skills?

How much more is there to know?

Additional Training and Certification


  •  -Improved energy Management
  • -Improved Stick and rudder skills
  • -Different viewpoint (learn new things)
  • -No written test if pilot has powered certificate


  • -Improves stick and rudder
  • -Improve situational awareness
  • -Improved skills transfer to other aircraft (ATR story)
  • -No checkride or written tests
  • -Never expires


  • -Fun and low pressure
  • -No written test if pilot has land certificate
  • -Great for stick and rudder
  • -Multi-seaplane (funny story)
  • -Never expires

Single Engine ATP

  • -Why would anyone needs this?
  • -Lower Insurance that’s not going to do anything for insurance, sorry! -vn
  • -Includes Instrument Rating this does!
  • -Better transferable to international ratings

Flight Instructor

  • -Improved situational awareness
  • -Transform from pilot to flight manager
  • -Able to analyze own skill

After Landing Checklist:

Picks Of The Week:

Chris - FAA Glider Flying Handbook

Carl - Sunrise Aviation

Rick - FlightChops

Victoria -https://www.jonesairandsea.com/

DaveAbby - AOPA Fly-In

Tom - https://www.aopa.org/community/events/aopaA-fly-ins/2017-aopa-fly-ins/tampa

Links Mentioned In The Podcast:

Video Of The Week:


ACP156 From Vice Principal To Pilot with Tim Lake

In This Episode, I am joined by Tim Lake who went from high school Vice Principal to Pilot. Tim flew into Lakeland to join me on the podcast. This is my first interview with a guest that has flown in and is one of the great things about living near an airport.


Keep watching our facebook page for upcoming events and updates. I had to go to work on the 4th so I was not able to make the pancake breakfast at Bartow Airport but I will be at the AOPA Fly-In in Tampa, FL. Hope to see you there. For more information visit AOPA.

From Vice Principal to Pilot:

  • How Tim went from Vice Principal of a High School to a flight instructor in a very short time.
  • Making money as a flight instructor.
  • Working as a drone pilot to supplement his income.
  • How Leasing back an airplane to the FBO has helped him obtain his ratings and increased his income.
  • Tim can be found on http://facebook.com/lakeaviationfacebook.

Pick Of the Week:

Murfreesboro Aviation


Will I be too old by the time I get enough flight hours and other questions are answered in this episode. Your host Carl is joined by Paul Grieco to answer your questions. If you have questions or feedback please write us at feedback@aviationcareerspodcast.com.


View events we are attending, listen to episodes, and get career updates on our facebook page:

Aviation Careers Podcast Facebook Page

Carl will be at the Bartow Airport Pancake Breakfast on October 4th. Check out the event on our facebook page.

In This Episode We Discuss (too old by the time I get enough flight hours):

  • Will I be too old by the time I get enough hours?
  • How do I judge if a school is good?
  • Is corporate flying a good career option?
  • Should I continue flying for an unethical company?
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits through the VA.

Pick Of the Week:

Institutions Authorized to Certify its Graduates for an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate with Reduced Aeronautical Experience


SMAC153 When A Career And Passion Come Together

beautiful thing

It's a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together

Welcome to a special episode of the Stuck Mic AvCast where we answer your questions, including about when a career and passion come together. Remember you can send us any questions, comments, or stories about learning to fly, living to fly, and loving to fly by visiting us on facebook, twitter, or sending us an e-mail at StuckMicAvCast@Gmail.com. If you wish to be a guest on the show please send us an e-mail describing how you would like to contribute to the General Aviation conversation.

Preflight Checklist:

Sponsor: AviationCareersPodcast.com - Career Coaching helping people of all ages and backgrounds move toward their career goal.

Announcements and Shout Outs:

Cruise Flight:

Listener mail:

  • Italian born pilot, living in the Czech Republic. Does going from a private pilot to a professional diminish the love of aviation, making it a "job?"
  • Thank you for making my commutes memorable from an aspiring future pilot.
  • Based out of New Jersey, when the President is in the area and I am in the TFR, how do I stay safe and legal with my flight plan?
  • Enjoyed the soaring podcast with Jim G, it's hard to explain how fast gliders can fly.
  • What is the significance of the Y and Z in the name on the approach plate?
  • Can I instruct without a Commercial Pilot Certificate, do I need a CPC to become a CFI?

After Landing Checklist:

Picks Of The Week:

Carl - Lakeland Linder Regional Airport

Russ - NOAA’s Graphical Area Forecasts

Rick - https://www.windy.comWindy I tunes App

Victoria - The Bob Hoover Project

Tom - Wild Blue Doodle

Links Mentioned In The Podcast:

Video Of The Week:

Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Approaches:


Rifle, CO (RIL) Approaches: