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US Sport Aviation Expo 2018 Day 2 – SMAC162

Welcome to a special edition of the Stuck Mic AvCast. Carl attended the US Sport Aviation Expo 2018 in Sebring, FL. This four day event is what Carl describes as "where aviation begins because we all start flying in small light aircraft".

With many hours of interviews we decided to try something new and publish a daily show from Sebring. We wanted you to experience all the exciting new aircraft, equipment, and inspirational people who participated in the expo. We hope you enjoy the show and would appreciate your feedback if you would like to see more daily editions at future aviation events.

The second day of the event on Thursday was fun and saw many more vendors and visitors. Don't forget to visit the show notes for links to all the links to the products and services in this episode.


Aviation Careers Podcast - Career Coaching, Scholarships for all ages, and inspiring you to reach your aviation career goal through a free podcast.  Visit AviationCareersPodcast.com

Day 2 Interviews:

AeroPilot L600 - Alex Williams, Chief Pilot of AeroPilotUSA.com discusses flying the AeroPilot L600 and following your dream of flying an airplane.

AOPA You Can Fly - Jamie Beckett, AOPA You Can Fly Ambassador, encourages you to pursue your dream of flying through their many initiatives. Whether you are a new pilot or an experienced airline pilot, Jamie will show you how to get back into flying small airplanes.

NOAA - Lt. Billy Bonner, Public Affairs office for NOAA discusses the many careers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. Lt Bonner is excited to be flying for NOAA but wants you to realize there are many career fields within the agency that are fun and exciting.

CFI Boot Camp - Mike Shiflett, director of training for CFI Boot Camp, wants you to know why you should pursue your sport pilot flight instructor certificate.

Aviation Insurance Resources - Gregg Ellsworth, Sales Executive and Account Manager with Aviation Insurance Resources discusses insuring your light sport aircraft in addition to all your aircraft insurance needs.

Sensenich - Don Rowell, President of Sensenich Propeller, discusses the interesting history of the propeller company icon. Don also discusses the advantages of both the wood and composite propellers.

Bristell - John Rathmell, Partner and Sales Manager of Bristell Aircraft, discusses "the art of defying gravity" in their attractive and comfortable aircraft. John discusses why Bristell is selling out of inventory so quickly and why you should join the many people flying the aircraft.

After Landing Checklist:

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Aviation Careers Podcast - Career Coaching, Scholarships for all ages, and inspiring you to reach your aviation career goal through a free podcast.  Visit AviationCareersPodcast.com

See you Tomorrow for Day 3!

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