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ACP162 How To Become A Flight Attendant Part 1

Welcome to the inspirational, informational, and transparent podcast about aviation careers. Today we have a special guest to discuss flight attendant careers.

Dan Freemen has been a flight attendant for 6 years and flies out of Las Vegas. Dan has been on previous episodes to discuss accelerated flight training because he is looking to move into the pilot seat. Today Dan is going to discuss how and why you should become a flight attendant.


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In This Episode We Discuss:

Getting Hired

  • Where to apply
    • Online/Job Fairs
    • Airline website and facebook page
  • How easy?
    • Regional vs. Major/Legacy
    • Knowing someone on the inside
  • Is it right for me
    • What is the right type of person for the job?
    • Customer Service
    • Patience
    • Leadership


  • How long?
    • Average of 4 weeks
  • What’s involved?
    • Classroom
    • Hands-on
    • Electronic Exams
    • Practical Exams

Job duties - what does a flight attendant actually do?

  • Security and safety vs. slinging peanuts and coke
    • Safety of flight during normal operation
    • Evacuations
    • Medicals
    • Other security issues

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