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ACP152 Choosing The Best Airline For Your Career

There are many airlines out there to choose from. How do you go about choosing the best airline for you given the options? In some circumstance, it might be an easy choice given we might just choose the first one to call or only receive an invite from just one carrier.

Others might receive multiple offers and need to evaluate their options. Some might just be trying to decide which airlines to submit their applications to.

Many make a decision based on block hour pay alone. But is there more to consider when making what will be a major life decision? Let's look further into different considerations when deciding on which airline will be the best fit for you.

Choosing the Best Airline

The health and longevity of the airline.

  • Stability
  • Growth
  • Financials

The airline’s mission and your flying preference

  • Long haul? Short haul?
  • Passenger/cargo

Where do you live and where are the domiciles?

  • Is commuting a viable option?
  • Are there domiciles that would be attractive to live in?

What are the schedules like for a typical line holder?

  • PBS/ Line Bidding
  • Days off
  • Trip type vs personal preference
  • Ability to drop or pick up for money
  • Vacation and accrual

Overall Contract or Quality of life extras

  • 401K match
  • Profit sharing
  • Extras earning benefits
  • Health insurance (Big one)

The overall employee/management relationship

  • This one is tricky because it is so dynamic
  • If possible get a feel for the overall Pilot groups attitude knowing there will be extreme negatives and positives on both ends of the spectrum

These are many of the considerations while making a decision on which airline to work for or at the very least apply for. In some cases, applicants may have their choice while others go just to the one that calls. If you are able to choose it is important to consider all factors, not just the pay rates alone. When considering all factors it is more likely that the choice will be made that will result in the applicant selecting an airline that suits their life.

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