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SMAC149 Pilot Partner Founder Ken VeArd

If you have used an electronic logbook, or have an interest in switching to one, we have a special treat for you. Ken VeArd, who has harnessed his technological skills with his passion for aviation to produce a truly innovative, easy to use, and practical electronic logbook. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Ken about his passion for aviation and his electronic log

book PilotPartner.net.

Preflight Checklist:

Carl is joined by Tom Frick, Victoria Nuville, and Larry Overstreet who is in Oshkosh, WI getting ready for AirVenture.

Sponsor: Jeff Kennon's The Day I Learned to Fly: Eight-year-old Jeff’s imagination isn’t earth bound. He dreams of flying over his neighborhood, free from the bonds of gravity – becoming part of the elite list of eight-year-olds who have flown. When he and his brothers begin building a homemade go kart, he leaps on this opportunity to use his ingenuity, and make his dreams real!

Cruise Flight:

Ken and the crew at SMAC discuss:

  • Why he loves aviation.
  • His opportunity to fly in the 737 simulator.
  • Why he developed the electronic logbook.
  • The new PilotPartner.net and how he rekindled his desire to produce a practical and easy to use electronic logbook.
  • The technology behind the logbook.
  • Challenges pilots face with logbooks and how Pilot Partner provides a solution for all your logbook needs.
  • Importing, Exporting, and Reporting your times.

After Landing Checklist:

Links Mentioned In The Podcast:


Video Of The Week:

Pilot Partner Overview:

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