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ACP147 Building Hours As A Flight Instructor, Color Blindness, and More.

At Aviation Careers Podcast we receive many questions about building hours as a Flight Instructor. We also get questions about how to get over the hurdle of color blindness. In this episode Robert Guyer and Carl Valeri answer your questions about these and other topics.


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Listener Questions and Feedback:

Terminal Aerodome Forcast, Building Time as a Flight Instructor, and Color Blindness

  • A question about the Terminal Aerodrome Forecast, TAFS and how this helps with aviation and flight planning. This will be discussed in detail on a future episode and Stuck Mic AvCast.
  • Writer is 55, retiring from a 30 year career in finance industry, looking for advice on opportunities for professional pilots at his age and what kinds of things could give him a leg up.
  • Australian flight student, paid a flight school but then decided to leave, has not been able to get money paid back.
  • Comment about Dan Freeman's comments about building time.
  • Is there a better test than the standard used for color blindness?

Pick Of the Week:

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Terminal aerodrome forecast


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