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Sun N Fun 2012 Audio Interviews

As many of you know, Carl Valeri and Len Costa have been volunteering for Sun N Fun Radio all week and running around doing interviews with anyone they can. We’ve been granted access to these interviews and are sharing them for you here in one, easy to find location – they just won’t be in the iTunes feed so click the link to listen directly here on the site. Enjoy!

Day 1 – March 27, 2012

WASPS – Listen to the most requested interview at Sun N Fun 2012. Carl speaks with two World War II female pilots. One of the pilots, Dora, is one of only 2 women to ever fly a Boeing B29. Their inspirational stories of perseverance in the Women’s Air Service Pilot corp will have you listening to this interview more than once.

Cirrus Aircraft – Cirrus demo overview and product line comparisons with the SR series the Cessna 182.

Boeing B25 – The only flying B25H model and how the organization is raising money to bring our fallen heroes home.

Cessna 196 – Listen to the owner that restored this unique, large, tailwheel aircraft.

Fokker DR7 – The owner of this pristine Fokker on the vintage aircraft shares the history and unique markings of this aircraft, including a little known fact that this aircraft bears his family name.

Lockheed Electra L12 – Step inside this immaculately restored L12 signed by Hilary Swank from the movie “Amelia”.

Stearmans – Listen to 2 Stearman pilots talk about their historically accurate restoration of a Stearman used in the American military and the RCAF.

Wings Of Dreams – A new aviation museum in Central Florida housing some very unique aviation and space artifacts, including the Space Shuttle simulator.

Day 2 – March 28, 2012

Bk1 Sport Plane – A sleek silver, new design, with a retro wooden prop that costs less than $15,000 to build.

Great Plains Aircraft – Talk to the man that redesigned Volkswagon engines for use in small, experimental airplanes.

Millennium RV – Hear Carl drooling over the marble floor of this $1 mill motorhome, a great way to arrive in style.

National Aviation Academy – Bored with your job? Want a change in life? Become an aircraft mechanic or an airline pilot. National Aviation Academy has been training folks for over 3 decades.

Peter Hunt RV – Check out this pristine, teal blue, true IFR RV loaded with all the bells and whistles.

Savor – This is a one off, Cirrus looking, flowing design aircraft by a young man with some real inspiration.

Vans Unpainted RV8 – Hear this Sun N Fun virgin in his just completed, unpainted, RV, completed by a former US Air Force Major C-17 pilot.

Vietnam Pilot Dave – Learn how Vietnam helicopter pilots actually operated during Vietnam and where some thought getting shot at was a good thing.

Vietnam Pilot Howard – Listen to Howard, another Vietnam helicopter pilot, as he works to preserve the heritage of the Vietnam helicopter pilots and honor their service.

Advocate Consulting – Want to save money on taxes when purchasing an aircraft? Find our more from Advocate Consulting.

Data Toys – A convenient way to video record your flight and view it without the propeller blur and artifacting.

Huffy Windsock – Learn how barnstormers could judge wind speed and velocity and how it lead to the development of these quality windsocks.

Pilot Chews – A great way to build to energy without the crash and diabetic sage. Carl says they make him crazy.

Day 3 – March 29, 2012

Bill Finagin Pitts – Learn to fly a Pitts from Bill Finnegan whose accumulated more than 15,000 hours of instruction in this aerobatic masterpiece.

Keel & Curley Winery – Try a unique blueberry vine and varietals from Keel & Curley Winery, the Napa Valley of Tampa Bay.

Marisha Faulk of Embry Riddle – Listen how this flight instructor from Embry Riddle became a race car driver, strapping a jet engine to her bottom.

JAARS Mission Aviation – Learn about the largest airline you’ve never heard of.

Poly Fiber – Learn how you can be taught to cover your aircraft from the experts at Poly Fiber and listen to an excited Canadian having fun in the sun.

Project Pre-Flight – The FAA Safety Team and their annual project pre-flight event held at Sun N Fun each year where you can win prizes for properly preflighting an airplane.

WASP Panel Discussion – Join us for some fascinating stories at the 99?s lunch and panel discussion with the Women Air Service Pilots.

Day 4 – March 30, 2012

iFlightPlanner – An interview with Christian Pulm about the new iFlightPlanner iPad flight planning application, features, and future developments.

Collier County Aviation Authority – The organization that promotes Marco Island, Everglades City, and Immokalee, Collier County airports have a wide range of variety.

Patient Air Lift Services (PALS) – Joe Howley speaks about this new charitable organization that assists in transport medical passengers in need and how PALS differs from Angel Flight in some really neat ways.

Blackbox Aviation Systems – An upcoming electronic pilot logbook app for the iPhone and iPad with a simple, one-button, interface for recording flights and syncing them with the cloud.

Pops Leather – Custom designed leather jackets and headed holders for aerobatic pilots.

ForeFlight’s Tyson Wiehs – Tyson speaks about the new Stratus ADS-B appliance and how it interfaces with ForeFlight to provide subscription-free aviation weather datalink to the cockpit via iPad.

Restored Champ Aircraft – Learn about this pristine, immaculately restored Champ aircraft with a polished wood interior.

Coconut Flyers – A friendly social group of Stearman pilots with a unique traveling tiki bar.

Embraer Business Jets – Embraer Aircraft showcases it’s first step into the world of business jets.

Mustang 2 Homebuilt Aircraft – An interview with the proud builder of sharing the story of his aircraft including some great advice to folks considering or new to homebuilding.

Gathering of Aviation Podcasters (GAP) – Jack Hodsgon of UCAP fame interviews Carl and Len about the origins of the Stuck Mic AvCast aviation podcast.

Day 5 – March 31, 2012

Phil Maschke – An interview from behind the scenes of Sun N Fun 2012 with this Media Center volunteer about how his day job, how he got started in volunteering at the airshow, and his future plans as an aviator.

Bob Evans – Another behind the scenes interview with an airshow Security volunteer, a 20+ year pilot, and unique and interesting gentleman including his impressions of his very first experience working Sun N Fun.

Columbian Female Pilot – A bilingual interview with a young Columbian woman as she talks about her challenges with coming to America, learning English, and pursuing her Sport Pilot Certificate.

Flight Time Radio – Milford of Flight Time Radio talks about his experience at Sun N Fun.

RV Aircraft Homebuilders – 2 very experienced homebuilders of RV’s discuss their aircraft and how to make the most use of the the information available at Sun N Fun.

V1 Clothing – We meetup with the founder of V1 Clothing as he talks about some of his unique designs available at the Sun N Fun Pilot Mall and online. Joining us later is the owner of AirspeedJunkie.com, who carries ALL of V1 Clothings products.

The AvPad – Interview with creator of the AvPad iPad Kneeboard, an aviation kneeboard for the next generation of pilots, made in America. This versatile kneeboard is great for your iPad, charts, checklists, and more!

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