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What Just Flew By! : An Airplane Geeks View Of Aviation History

A few moments of speaking with David M. Vanderhoof the writer of What Just Flew By, I begin envisioning a curious young child standing by the runway at the local airport eyes glued to the next plane that roars by, model airplane in hand. As we grow older childhood curiosities and interests are replaced by the realties of adult life. But some have been able to hang onto the youthful spirit which David does through his blog and podcast.

I look forward to David’s “this week in aviation” history segment on the AirplaneGeeks.com Podcast. Many times after the show I will read his blog “What Just Flew By” and search for some of the planes he speaks about in the podcast.

What Just Flew By is like browsing an encyclopedia of aviation history. My favorite posts, of which there are many, have a picture of a historic aircraft or a historic photo with a description of the event or plane displayed. I have learned much about aviation history from this blog and his site is far from dry and boring as I would expect from most historical blogs.

David makes it fun to read his posts because he reveals himself and his passion for history in every article. After reading his website, listening to his segment on the Airplane Geeks Podcast, and then recently having dinner with him at Philadelphia International Airport I have come to the conclusion that he is truly a walking encyclopedia of aviation knowledge.

If you love all things aviation and want to read some interesting and entertaining articles on aviation I highly recommend your visiting What Just Flew By and listening to David on the Airplane Geeks Podcast. David will bring out the aviation history geek in you. You have to admit even though we walk around in our cool Ray-Ban sunglasses and leather bomber jackets, we all are aviation geeks just like David M. Vanderhoof.

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  • Steve Visscher September 16, 2011, 10:13 am

    I can attest to David’s deep passion for, and wide knowledge of aviation.

    We are privileged to have David contribute to our show both in terms of the segments he’s produced directly, and in terms of the “behind the scenes” advice he provides us.

    Our shared love of aviation has allowed us to form a solid bond of friendship which spans both sides of the Pacific, and having the chance to meet in person at Oshkosh this year was the absolute highlight of my trip.

    Stop by David’s website and have a read…oh, and allow a good amount of time once you get there!\. You’ll need it!

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