Advanced Holding Patterns

Watch The Advanced Holding Patterns Video Part 1 For Free:

Part 1 - Introduction 

Topics: Review Of The Basics, Wind Correction, Timing, Copying Your Clearance.
Length: 16 Minutes

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Part 2 - Navigation Sources

Topics: Navigation Sources, ATC Instructions, VOR Holding.

Length: 15 minutes

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Part 3 - GPS Holding and Protected Airspace

Topics: GPS Holding, Simplifying GPS Holding, Protected Airspace, Dealing With High Winds.

Length: 19 minutes

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Part 4 - Entry Procedures

Topics: Entry Procedures, Pencil Method, Entry Tips.

Length: 12 Minutes

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Part 5 - Examples

Topics : Disorientation, Examples, Key Points.

Video Length : 21 minutes

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Chris Pezalla and Carl Valeri bring their thousands of hours of experience teaching and actual flying under Instrument Flight Rules in the National Airspace System.  The Guide To Holding Patterns is a combination of their vast experience and in depth knowledge. Watching this video you will learn some insider tips and tricks from these experienced aviators. What better way to learn about holding patterns than from the person who wrote the book about holding patterns, Chris Pezalla.

Chris Pezalla

ChrisFlyingPiperChris began his involvement with aviation during high school, obtaining a commercial pilot certificate at the age of 18. In college he studied Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, while also working as a flight instructor. After college he worked for a large regional airline, flying large turbo-props in the Caribbean and jet aircraft from Chicago, New York and Miami. After more than 4 years as an active airline pilot, he enrolled in a master’s program focusing on aviation management. While completing the MBA program he returned to flight instructing, at Embry-Riddle University. His flying experience includes 5,500 hours in airplanes and over 1,300 hours as an instructor, teaching in a wide range of general aviation aircraft. He now owns and operates Three Point Aviation Services LLC, in Daytona Beach, FL.

Carl Valeri

CaptValeriCarl is an international Airline Pilot with over 12,000 hours flying in more than 50 types of aircraft. He has logged over 10,000 hours flying in the National Airspace System(NAS) under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). Carl is a volunteer Aviation Safety Representative appointed by the FAA and has conducted over 100 safety seminars in the past 15 years.  Carl is author of The Aerospace Scholarships Guide and numerous aviation blog posts. Carl loves to talk aviation and is host of Aviation Careers Podcast, the Stuck Mic AvCast, and Sun N Fun Radio. When he is not flying, writing about flying, or talking about flying Carl spends most of his time exploring museums and light houses.

For less than the cost of one hour of flight instruction you will receive over an hour of video.  In addition you will be learning from two highly experienced instrument pilots and instructors. You are sure to learn something in the Advanced Holding Patterns Video Series which will make you a safer, efficient, and more confident instrument pilot.

Testimonials and Reviews :

“The Advanced Holding Patterns video program reminded me that there is an awful lot more to holding patterns than just the “Four (or Five) T’s” (or however many T’s you were taught). The videos were very practical, covering just about everything you need to know to enter, maintain, and exit a hold safely and efficiently. It also covers what to do when you get a little confused about where you are, or if you chose the wrong entry. It clarified a few of my mis-understandings such as how to CORRECTLY adjust for a crosswind or headwind – even REALLY strong winds, and the whole topic of what airspace is actually protected when I am cleared for the hold (and why I don’t really have to care about it too much). I also appreciated real-life examples of a few interesting holds that were reviewed. Both GPS and ground-based holds are covered.

“So if you’re like me, and don’t get a lot of real-world holding in your IFR flying, this video series is a great way to knock the mental rust off, since it’s way better to be thinking about this while safely on the ground, rather than on-the-fly when you get a holding instruction you weren’t expecting, and may not quite know how to execute. And it works equally well on laptop, tablet, or phone."

Larry Overstreet - June 18, 2016