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ACP113 So You Want to Work in Aviation with Jennifer Adams

img_2335-2Welcome to episode 113! There are many jobs in aviation and some will surprise you. Today I am joined by Paul Grieco and special guest Jennifer Adams. Jenn is an Aviation blogger writing at Tales from the Terminal on all types of Aviation jobs and adventures.

In This Episode We discuss:

  • Why Jennifer became interested in Aviation as a child.
  • Working life at a Fortune 500 company while yearning for a job in aviation.
  • How she discovered Aviation related jobs.
  • Landing  an accounting job at her local airport.
  • The different technology related jobs available at the airport such as tech support, IT, etc.
  • The many security related jobs including camera management, security officers, and K-9's.
  • Wildlife Management, and why it is a critical position in keeping the airport open.
  • Airfield Maintenance: responsible for caring for the runway surface making sure the pavement is sound, keeping clear of snow, etc.
  • Aviation jobs that do not require travel.
  • Pavement specialists are responsible for determining the right type of concrete needed and making sure runways and other airport surfaces are  maintained.
  • The many administrative support specialists responsible for office supplies, scheduling meetings, running the FBO, etc.
  • The job as Airplane Watcher which it's a bit more involved than you would think.
  • If you want to get into Aviation but don't know how, make a list of your skills and then look for Aviation jobs that fit those skills. Think outside the box to find something that will get you in the airport using the knowledge you already have.
  • Jennifer's guest appearance  on Airplane Geeks episode 404.
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