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ACP109 Air Force Loadmaster To Professional Pilot

LarryC17Today we have a special guest who is transitioning from an Air Force loadmaster to professional pilot. Larry Unger is truly an inspiration. If you are considering transitioning from the military to a professional pilot you need to hear his story.

Larry is an advocate for those considering serving their country through a career in the military.  He explains how military service will enhanced your life and career.

Joining me today is Russ Roslewski who has a special connection to Larry's flying career. Listen the episode to learn more.

In This episode we discuss:

  • Flying in the C-17 around the world.
  • The benefits of choosing an aviation career in the military.
  • Positions  including:  mechanic, crew chief, and  loadmaster.
  • Transitioning from the military to a professional pilot.

Links Mentioned in the Podcast:

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