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Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 120 Air Race Classic Pilot Lin Caywood

Pre-Flight Checklist:

LinAndVicWelcome to the show, we have a very special guest with us along with Carl, Rick and Victoria.

Carl suggested you checkout the June issue of Flight Training magazine, has a cover article on cross wind landings, which ties right in to the recent episode we did on this same topic. Also please continue to contact us on the site with your comments and questions.

Victoria reminded about the Get into the Air Scholarship from Air Pros, which has a deadline coming up this year of June 15th.

Cruise Flight:

Victoria introduced this episode's Interviewee Lin Caywood. Lin helped Victoria get into the 99's and further her aviation career. She was also one of the participants in the Air Race Classic.

We discuss with Lin:

  • How she got into flying
  • Training
  • Her experience in being introduced to aviation
  • 15 years ago went through 4 instructors
  • Has seen a change in more Women in the cockpit
  • Have seen a change in general?
  • 4 days to complete the race
  • 1 day weather buffer
  • How handicapping for the race works
  • Have a special competition for school teams
  • Mother bird program
  • If first time race team.
  • Like fly camp
  • Airraceclassic.org
  • For crew just need a license
  • They have a few small scholarships that are raise
  • 501(c) 3
  • Girl scouts
  • Lots of awareness
  • 99’s wai.
  • All have local chapters
  • Where she is going next
  • Eventually wants to get her CFI
  • Mentor in the learn to fly scholarship
  • Oshkosh 99’s booth
  • PBS documentary filmed during the race
  • Beyond the powder
  • Used to be called the powder puff derby in the early days
  • Will air again in june on pbs.
  • Local 99’s has set up a local school visit for airport day
  • Host of 2017 of start of the race.
  • Sugarloaf 99’s in fredrick

After Landing Checklist:

~Pick of the Week~

No picks this week, but here are some links mentioned in the episode:




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