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SMAC117 Crosswind Landings – What Is Your Limit?

RickShuttleWelcome aviators and airplane geeks to the show where we talk about learning to fly, living to fly, and loving to fly. Spring is upon us and for many this is the season where we start flying again from a winter break. It also is the season of dynamic changes in weather and strong winds. Tonight we are going to discuss one of the most important topics and one that can prevent most landing accidents; crosswind landings and how to set our personal limits.

Joining us this evening we have with us aviators from a variety of backgrounds including flight instructors, new pilots, and airline pilots. This should be an interesting discussion and most importantly I hope you will learn something about setting your own personal crosswind limits.

Pre-Flight Checklist:

Before we begin our discussion of crosswinds we have a few announcements:

  • April 15th episode will be the recording from our live show at Sun N Fun 2015 and if you missed the live discussion this would be a great way to listen in. We normally break the record for the longest live podcast at Sun N Fun and hope to do it again this year. Make sure you listen because we always have some very special guests.

  • Feedback: Thanks for the e-mails and very positive comments on how you are enjoying the new/old format of the show as we get back to our roots and the original charter of this podcast to entertain but also to provide teaching moments you can discuss with your friends and instructor. Please visit StuckMicAvCast.com if you have a question or feedback.

  • Please visit our sponsor AvationCareersPodcast.com If you or someone you know is interested in a career in aviation this will help them navigate a path towards their career goal. AviationCareersPodcast.com provides career coaching, interview preparation, and the largest online directory of scholarships so visit AviationCareersPodcast.com today.

  • Rick Felty visit Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Museum, where many Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum planes are exhibited.

  • Victoria discussed a $500 scholarship her employer is offering to cover any type air training. You can find the information on their website or in the ACP Scholarship Guide.

Cruise Flight:

Crosswind Landings - What is Your Limit?

  • Personal Minimums

  • Crosswind limitations

  • Tips And Tricks

  • What are our wind challenges?

    • Gusty Winds

    • Wind Shear

    • Cross Wind

  • Max demonstrated crowsswind

  • Safe ground handling

  • Pilot limitations : stress, lack of recent experience, fatigue, etc.

  • Determining your crosswind based on airspeed and crab angle.

After Landing Checklist:

~Pick Of The Week~

Victoria - Aircraft Wrecks in Arizona and the Southwest: A site dedicated to history of crashes complete with modern pictures.
Rick - Video of an Extra300 doing maneuvers.
Carl - FDOT Airport Directory. You can get a spiral bound copy with all Florida airports including military.
Russ - Wind History: A great website to get detailed historical wind data for local airports. Averaged 2006-2010.
Tom - Flightintel app for Android or iOS: wind and weather information for 50 miles around you.

The next episode of Stuck Mic AVCast will be broadcast LIVE at Sun n' Fun! Carl, Tom, and Russ will all be there, stop in and say "hi!" Rick and Victoria will also be on the live episode.

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