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Preparing for a Real In-Flight Emergency : Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 105

Pre-Flight Checklist

Photograph: Jacob Steinberg for the Guardian

Photograph: Jacob Steinberg for the Guardian

Carl, Rick, Larry, Eric, and Sean are here, as well as a special guest Tom Frick.

Carl realized recently that he is an "AV Geek," or Aviation Geek.


  • Eric had a big signing ceremony today with ExpressJet, as Polk State's Aerospace program entered into Expressjet's Airline Pilot Pathway Program, which gives their students preferred consideration in hiring, allows for sharing of curriculum, and really boosts and validates their three year old program.
  • Carl is now current for single-engine! He achieved his currency and got his flight review by completing part of the W.I.N.G.S. program. His W.I.N.G.S. was certified, and validated by Tom Frick, because........
  • Tom is now a CFI!!!! He recently complete his check ride and tests on a VERY long day.

Cruise Flight

  • Owen Zupp recently wrote a great article about passenger evacuation from British Airways 2276. Carl opened the discussion to what general aviators can learn from these situations.
  • Tom has a briefing card that his school keeps in each plane, which tells passengers what to do in an emergency. It is similar to what you would hear on an airline flight.
  • Tom then discussed an emergency, off-airport landing he had when the engine quit on a plane he was flying.
  • Eric discussed teaching how every second could be the second before an emergency begins, the important things is what happens and how you deal with your "startle response." He also talks about teaching his students to go through a safety briefing before starting the plane, and a take-off briefing before entering runway environment. They use a kneeboard device with reminders for them.
  • Carl brought up the concern that many pilots only go over emergency procedures every two years when they recertify.

After Landing Checklist

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