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How To Avoid Complacency In Your Career – Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 91

StormsAheadI am concerned about the current pilot shortage, or should I say lack of qualified pilots available for hire. This is the only industry we can’t call a pilot shortage a pilot shortage for political reasons. But that is a topic for another podcast and you can listen to my discussion by clicking on the pilot shortage tab on the homepage of this website or click on Pilot Shortage. But I digress.

My concern today is the complacency amongst many pilots when it comes to their careers. Many of you have rejoined this career after years of pursuing another job because of the recession. Having been through a few recessions in the aviation industry, I want to you understand the pursuit of an airline job or any job you truly want is a marathon and not a sprint.

During every downturn, the first people who bail out of this industry are those who were sold on an airline pilot career as being a six figure income with many days off. Although this is true later on in your career it does take years to realize this goal. Therefore, please if you are considering this as a career go into it because you enjoy the job. Don’t do it simply for the money because in the beginning you will be disappointed.

Furthermore, though many airlines may be knocking on your door and it seems if you can fog a mirror you can get a job as an airline pilot, this won’t last forever. “The worm always turns” is a saying in this industry, meaning for every uptrend in the industry there is an equal and opposite downturn. So please don’t become complacent during this current pilot shortage and we are going to show you how.

We discuss:

  • How To Avoid Complacency In Your Career
  • Why you should plan for the worst and hope for the best.
  • Why you should work on your credentials first.
  • Why there are ups and downs in the airline industry.
  • How to prepare yourself and stay hungry even during the current job market.
  • Listener Mail

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