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Live from AirVenture 2015 – Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 102

Pre-Flight Checklist:
This is a special edition of the show, featuring interviews from Air Venture! Sitting in with Carl is Rick, Victoria, and special guests Larry Overstreet and Tom Frick. Victoria, Larry, and Tom were all at the show and shared their experiences.

  • Victoria was there promoting aviation insurance, as well as promote the Turbo the Flying Dog books.
  • Tom was working the booth with MzeroA.com, which provides an online ground school and many aviation manuals and books.
  • Larry said he has been going to the show almost every year since 1979 and posted lots of Facebook pictures this year. He said the number of airplanes and types of planes was amazing, the camping area is the third largest "city" in Wisconsin for that week, and there was a great Pilot Proficiency Center where you get learn and get some re-certifications for free.

Announcement: Tom Frick recently finished his Commercial Single Engine Rating!

Cruise Flight

  • Victoria interviewed three lady pilots who represent the 6% of pilots who are female.
    • Lesley Page who operates Courage To Soar encouraging women to fly
    • Lin Caywood who has participated in air races
    • Carol Caywood, Lin's  Mom who just loves coming to the show
  • Larry Interviewed Brian Bishop at the Pilot Proficiency Center, discussing their efforts through EAA to encourage general aviation safety.
  • Victoria interviewed John from Aviation Insurance Resources, who is also on the Greg Koontz and the Alabama Boys show.
  • Larry interviewed Stasi Poulis from Mindstar Aviation who is the avionics provider for Redbird.
  • Victoria interviewed Santa and Mrs. Claus, their first trip to Air Venture!
  • Larry interviewed Jim Crest from Pioneer Airport Flight Operations
  • Victoria interviewed the Berry family, who operate a seaplane that is the fastest on their lake.

After Landing Checklist

~Picks of the Week~

No picks this week, as this is an interview show.

This episode is sponsored by AerospaceScholarships.Com

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