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SMAC100 Centennials of flight, 100 landings, flight hours and more

LongIslandSunRiseVictoria, Larry, Rick, Sean, and Carl are all here for the 100th episode! A special guest Tom Wachowski of the Private Jet Podcast is here. Tom has been a guest on episodes since the 80's (show number wise) and flies corporate jests for work and model planes for fun.

Pre-Flight Checklist

Air Venture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is July 20-26. Victoria and Larry will both be there, Carl is trying to go. Victoria will be in the Insurance area and have books 1 and 2 of Turbo the Flying Dog. Get $2 off the book when you get an insurance quote. The books are also now available on Kindle. Check out Turbo the Flying Dog on Facebook and Instagram for updated photos.

  • Carl flew to Havanna for the first time this week! The country is beautiful, but the runways and airport area are a bit "rustic."

Cruise Flight

For this 100th episode, we asked you to send us your centennial events in aviation such as 100th landing, 100th hour, etc.

  • Victoria's 100th landing right after her solo stage check.
  • Rick's was a pattern at Norwood in a Cirrus.
  • Larry and Sean also got theirs practicing.
  • Carl discusses his first 100 Airports from 1989-2002.
  • Sean's 100th flight was his "2nd 1st" cross country flight (had to start curriculum over again).
  • Larry's 99th and 100th glider flights were taking his 2 sons on their first flights.
  • Victoria's 100th flight was right before her IFR stage check from Pontiac Airport to Flint Airport in Michigan.
  • Rick's 100th was a flight to Nashua in a Cirrus for lunch with the Uncontrolled Airspace gang for a meetup.
  • Rick's 100th "hour in type" was in a Cirrus over Portsmouth, New Hampshire which is a beautiful area and a huge airport to land at. After posting he got a message from a 747-400 pilot who used Rick's video to get a feel for the airport, flying in for the first time.

Carl shared 3 emails from listeners:

  • Len Costa sent a message congratulating everyone for the 100th episode.
  • Russ Roslowski sent his 100th's log book entry was his first landing at Kitty Hawk, NC. His first landing was at Jenkins, DE which is a little grass runway at a public use airport.
  • Antoine from Switzerland wrote in his 100th PIC hour.

Getting back to the gang

  • Larry's 100th powered flight was in 1990 in an Archer from Arkansas to Oklahoma and back. His 100th power hour was Arkansas to Kansas to pick up a friend for a visit.
  • Victoria's 100th flight with her husband was to Winwood, WV flying resort. Her 100th cross country hour was also with her husband Bob, trying to get to Florida to watch a shuttle launch and had difficulty getting there due to storms. Her 100th blog post where she was practicing landings and a little boy on the ground was waving and trying to cover his ears.
  • Carl did his 100th safety lecture a few years ago and has signed off on well over 100 people.
  • Carl mentioned the 100th anniversary of scheduled flight, which led to the Tony Janus Award. There is a mural commemorating it at Albert Whitted Airport.
  • Carl also asked for listeners to send in 100 things we can do to promote aviation.

~Picks of the Week~

We now have over 100 picks on the Picks of the Week page!

After Landing Checklist

Please send us an idea or list of ideas on how to promote aviation to the next generation.


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