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SMAC099-Laughs, Loops, and Rolls

Photo and Route
Carl, Rick, Sean, Larry and Victoria are here for this 99th episode!

Pre-Flight Checklist:

  • Stuck Mic AVCast has been around for four years!
  • We are starting new blog posts on our "off weeks" for the show for announcements, shout outs, and events.
  • Our next episode is #100! Please use our contact page or email to send us your 100th landing, airport, or other 100th event in aviation.
  • Victoria and Turbo on work on their second book, which should be out by AirVenture. They will be visiting AirVenture as well as a couple other places. Click on Turbo on the right to find out where to meet them!
  • Please visit our sponsors The Day I Learned to Fly and Aerospace Scholarships

Cruise Flight:

  • Victoria discussed a really cool aviation video of a four your old girl's first aerobatic flight,which you can watch below.
  • The interview of Jeff Kennon from The Day I Learned to Fly was great and enjoyed by the co-hosts and fans.
  • Episode 100 will feature a special mystery guest.
  • Billy Wheeler, who does the music for Aviation Careers Podcast sent in an interesting picture to see if anyone else has seen something like this.
  • The topic of the month in May for the FAA Safety Team was Aircraft Performance. The topic discusses "weight and balance" and loosing control on take off and landing and how to prevent problems during take off and landing.
  • Instrument Proficiency guidelines

Pick of the Week:

Rick - The Wright Brothers

Carl - AvPlan EFB on The Apple Watch

Sean - Garmin D2 Bravo Pilot Watch

Larry - Pilot Partner Logbook

Victoria -

After Landing Checklist:


AOPA Interview - "Pure Joy"

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