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SMAC098 Interview With Aviation Author Jeff Kennon

JeffKennon webCarl recorded a special episode interview with Jeff Kennon author of The Day I Learned To Fly a great children's book on Aviation.

Pre-flight Checklist


For episode 100, we are asking you the listener to participate by sending in your 100th something in your aviation career. It could be your 100th landing, 100th trip to the airport, etc. Send an email to contact@stuckmicavcast.com

Cruise Flight

In this interview Carl and Jeff cover:

  • Intro the book and Carl's feelings about flying related to the book.

  • Why Jeff wrote the book.

  • The importance of the push cart.

  • Jeff's writing background.

  • What Jeff has done in the community with his book.

  • What’s book is next.

  • Jeff's Days as a youth minister

  • Where Jeff is  in his flying and where he is going?

After Landing Checklist:

Thanks to Jeff for coming on. For a sample of his book click the image below:


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