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ACP080 – Overseas Flying with Ed Abraham

Ed_AbrahamWelcome to episode 80. Many of you are interested in working overseas because you heard foreign pilots are paid well. Today I have with me someone who will help us understand more about the benefits and challenges of overseas flying.

Ed Abraham is the International Pilot Advisor at Cage Marshal Consulting. Ed is living proof that pilots can go overseas to fly and return with positive results. Based on his years of experience as an aviation professional and as a successful interviewee, Ed is a wealth of knowledge to help other international applicants. Whether you are going from the US to an international company or interested in exploring the possibilities of applying to an overseas position, Ed should be your first call. He can offer his expertise and recommendations to help you land the international interview and job more quickly and with less frustration.

Ed and I discuss:

  • The Benefits of overseas flying.
  • How to apply for an overseas flying job.
  • The interview process.
  • The challenges of living overseas.
  • Pay, Benefits, and living conditions.
  • Working overseas and your family.


If you would like to ask a question on the show, leave us a voicemail at our new contact number DIP-MY-WINGS (347-699-4647)!

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