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ACP079 – Burn Out, Scholarships, and Moving Your Aviation Career Forward


We are back after a brief delay. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and prayers. In this episode I have a bunch of listener email to answer coping with burn out, getting your ratings current after a lapse and how to pay for it, and a number of questions about moving your aviation career forward.

In this episode I discuss:

  • How to cope with burn out
  • Getting your ratings current after a lapse and using scholarships to pay for it.
  • A request for an interview of someone in aerial fire fighting.
  • What to do when you have a training failure on your record.
  • Advice on different regionals and what to consider when applying.
  • A "thank you" for your advice on being over-prepared in training and update on career progress.
  • An update from someone that cannot get medical but found another aviation job.
  • A member of the community said "thanks" for interviewing someone about the Veterans Airlift Program and donated $500.
  • Is 44 to old to start working towards flying for a major airline?
  • Is tilt rotor time considered by airlines as fixed wing or helicopter type hours?
  • Question about what kind of scholarships to look for to obtain a CFI.


  • The Aerospace Scholarships E-book was scheduled to come out in February, but has been rescheduled to come out in March.
  • You can reach us with your aviation career or other questions at feedback@aviationcareerspodcast.com.
  • The FAA Safety Team is a great way to stay current and learn how to fly safe.
  • More technical videos are being added to expertaviator.com and aviationcareerspodcast soon.
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